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    About Us

    Our Purpose:

    Fantasy Portal exists to be your go-to online Table Top RPG supply store that provides you a wide variety of items to spice up your next game session! We have high quality dice, dice accessories, GM gear, and merch which all contain an unique piece of lore  in the Fantasy Portal Universe.


    Our Vision

    Our Vision is to grow our website and universe across the globe to provide you a wider variety of products and lore to enjoy. We want to be recognized as the best and most dependable Table Top RPG store ever with a proud and loving community alongside us.


    Our Values

    Fantasy Portal does its best to uphold these 3 core values:

    • Sustaining an amazing symbiotic relationship- We as a small business will do our best to provide you with the best quality products, at a good price, and as quickly as possible. However, we are starting off brand new and there will be many ups and downs that our business will contain. With that in mind, the more you invest into Fantasy Portal, the more Fantasy Portal can invest in you back.


    • Curiosity and Adventure- We want to make sure that you have an amazing experience as you shop here in Fantasy Portal. So to do that, we have given custom lore for each product we have in our store. Each product is all connected to the Fantasy Portal universe in their own way, so that you will always be full of curiosity as you check out each of our items.


    •  Variety, Variety, Variety- We will do our best to update our inventory monthly with new items to provide you a bigger variety of items and lore to choose from. 


    How It All Began

    Before the creation of Fantasy Portal, we were just a group of geeks that were introduced to the world of Table Top RPGs. Ever since we played popular games like Dnd, Call of Cthulhu, Mistborn, and soon more, we have been addicted to it ever since. We love it so much that we wanted to include it more into our lives. So we thought of ways to make this work. A small issue we had was that when it came to Table Top RPG supplies, it feels like many websites don't put too much emphasis on those sorts of products and we usually end up buying our supplies on different websites and stores. So we made a website where you can buy the supplies here at Fantasy Portal and add in some world building ideas we've accumulated throughout our lives to spice up our store from the others.


    Get in touch with us using chat box or our contact page, or email us at:

    • fantasyportal2021@gmail.com
    • We have an awesome Customer Support team that works 7 Days a week to get back to you at your earliest convenience :)

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    Happy Shopping!
    - From the Fantasy Portal Family